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ProxyStore Extensions

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Extensions for the ProxyStore package.

This extensions package contains experimental features, features with non-Python dependencies, and plugins for third-party tools.


The extensions package can be installed alongside ProxyStore.

$ pip install proxystore[extensions]

Alternatively, the package can be installed directly.

$ pip install proxystore-ex

See the Installation guide for more information about features which require extra dependencies. See the Contributing guide to get started with local development.


ProxyStore's documentation is available at and supplemental documentation for the extensions package is available at


Features in the proxystore_ex package can be imported from within proxystore via the proxystore.ex module. This is the recommended method for import extension features. E.g.,

from proxystore_ex.connectors.daos import DAOSConnector  # Direct
from proxystore.ex.connectors.daos import DAOSConnector  # Recommended


The preferred citations for this code are provided at